The GetLit! video format is a 1-3 minute video short of an excerpt from a book. The following is a list of criteria that we would like to maintain.

Video Guidelines:

File formats currently accepted
You can send us a .mov .avi or .mpeg file to, or snail us a copy on VHS, mini-DV, 8mm, or Hi-8 to:

GetLit! Media
3429 Linda Vista Terrace
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Video interpretation of a scene or a passage out of a book. Preferably fiction.
Two minutes is ideal. The length is flexible, but we would discourage anything more than three minutes.
Think music videos, interpretative.
Absolutely, but make sure that you have permission to use the music, otherwise we might not be able to showcase the video in the future. For the time being, consider using original music... also known as using your own or your friend's music.
The Reading
GetLit is ultimately about the book-- find a short passage that is both filmic and that represents the text. Record a recitation of that passage.
Recordings of international fiction are accepted. If a translation can be done, please send one. We can post it in the "excerpt" page.
We'd encourage international participation. We would like to showcase work internationally.
Book Rights
Contact us, and we'll get try to permission. No guarantees.
Viewing formats
At this time, we're posting everything to quicktime and windows media player. Soon we will be offering alternative resolutions and viewing formats.
We're not going to discourage profanity, but we will absolutely not broadcast anything deemed pornographic, ill-suited, or overly offensive.

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