Our Goal:

As GetLit! Media, we wish to promote new fiction by hosting and producing content in new media entertainment through our GetLit video format. These videos, as well as our "spokes" (information pages about each video) are designed to provide entertainment about featured books, including links to participating writers, filmmakers and performers.

As GetLit. net, we seek to provide an independant service in online book promotions-- a website dedicated to providing commercial and artistic content for writers, publishers and filmmakers. As an independent network, our goal is to build an environment that is supported by publishers, education groups, traditional broadcast and new media.

Popo brings more than 2 years of literary theory and communications experience to GetLit's literary efforts worldwide. Popo is instrumental in building a global brand for GetLit! Media and transforming it into a strategic asset for literary pursuit and long-term interest. In her new position, Popo is responsible for providing strategic insight and direction to maintaining the integrity of the authors work; and leveraging intellectual capital and providing critical management tools. Popo joined GetLit! Media in 1999 and served in a variety of positions before becoming executive mascot in 2001. Popo came to GetLit! Media from Yale where she hosted an online single's consortium. She holds a B.A. from Rutger's College and an M.A. in comparative literature from U.C. Irvine.

We are developing our website to include more fiction titles. If you are interested in seeing specific titles added to our catalog, contact me: popo@getlit.net.

GetLit! Media executive mascot Hugo brings years of lip service to his position as Film Liason and Spokesperson for GetLit! Media Development. His areas of expertise encompass film theory and new media design. He began his tenure with the online film journal "Media/Terrible" in 1999 as Director of Information. Since that time, he received his M.A. at the School of Cinema Studies at NYU. He was also a french fry chef at the Burger King in New Brunswick.

We are developing our website to include more filmmakers. If you are interested in participating in this project, contact me: hugo@getlit.net.